When are the parties?

We host parties every single month with a different theme in a different venue for the LGBT women’s community of Pittsburgh! We get about 300-500 women coming to each and every one of the events!!

To find out more, simply click on Next Event on this webpage or stay in touch via Facebook http://www.facebook.com/impulsepittsburgh

Impulse Pittsburgh Presents: Beach Party

ImageOur Annual beach party was a success– third year in a row. And no rain– again! We were lucky, because this time it really looked like it was going to downpour. However, the rain DID hold out and we had an amazing turnout- several hundred women dancing, mingling and meeting friends.

Oh, and did we see a few hook-ups happen?? Looks like those Blue Hookup bracelets are coming in Handy. And for the romantics?? Seems like the Orange helped a few folks out as well. Or at the very least, maybe go them a free drink! 

The limbo contest was great. One very tall girl. And one girl everyone thought was Imagestraight. People- she is NOT straight. She is VERY much gay. Let’s not judge a book by her cover- she’s one of us! At the end, both girls did an excellent job. We personally, could never go that low. Everyone else dared not to compete against those two girls. Talk about flexibility! Great effort, girls! 

ImageAnd volleyball. Was anyone really keeping score? Who knows- everyone was having fun tapping the ball around and in our minds, everyone was a winner! But we like the competitive spirit! In the end, a few connections were made and that’s what Impulse is all about! We know a lot of our party goers are talented athletes– stay tuned for the annual Women Athletes party. Hundreds of girls in sports uniforms– OMG. YES. :) 

But for now, we’re doing the Decades theme for Sept. Check out the Events page for more info and see you there! 

Impulse Pittsburgh Presents: “May the 4th Be with You” a Success!

xVP44bXhvGX0waIwIz_dOzSd9VuwKbuNQKzDqsmHP7w,faw1xgGrmh180xLexYwBCmqFIKbCDKxSVpVoREDQO68-1Thank you to everyone who attended our May 4th event at Whim. We had over 300 people despite the Pittsburgh Marathon happening the following evening. We had a successful, safe, and fun event!

We opened the deck and had a combination of girls mingling outside as well as people taking over the entire venue as their dance area. When we initially toured the venue, we figured that the left back would be a good dancing area. What ended up happening is a full-dance takeover! People were dancing at the bar, on the deck, etc. In fact, no one stopped until 2 AM when it was time to head home.

This was our first experience at Whim and we were blown away! The sound system was so crisp and was the same 0lvs-UgpUyu9LzAUdbaC6LQRdBBrSPmxHoVV0-eKyMo,K2oPQaGAuBBN_f_QINIp7-U2DUd89qUi4k95oSPinOQ,5Tny_crXMZyv7KHy4FlaHUMx1fqQ3KttkqRi_kMIcRQquality no matter where you were standing. They also had a lighting system in-house! The bar service consisted of 3 bars as well as a snack bar. Service was fast! We thank the wonderful staff and security at Whim for making this such a great experience for us. We will definitely be back!

Winners for the PSEC raffle Chosen!

Hey everyone! Thank you for coming out to Impulse on Saturday night. We hit about 450! What a success! 
Thanks to everyone who participated in the raffle and supported the PSEC fundraiser! We have selected 6 winners at random– those individuals will be called this morning to confirm addresses and prizes. Thanks everyone! Please give us about a week from today to get the photos up.

Impulse Pittsburgh asks the lesbian community..

Hello everyone! Here at Impulse, we are creating a phone app for lesbians, by lesbians for Android and iPhone. This app will allow women to connect with other women as well as with events in their area using geo-location technologies.

Today, we are announcing our final survey that will not only benefit our app, Wing Ma’am, but will benefit every LGBTQIA organization in Pittsburgh. The results will be sent to local advocacy groups.

We need your voices to be heard! This survey takes 5 minutes and is COMPLETELY anonymous. 


Let’s make a difference :) We need as many results as possible to show our strength as a community. Please share this post via your Facebook or other social media sites. 



Impulse Pittsburgh needs your help!!

Hello everyone! We didn’t get nearly enough responses, and I was wondering if you could help me out by sharing this link on your Facebook :)

If you haven’t heard, the team from Impulse is producing a free phone App for women that allows you to get more connected to the community by searching for people (for friends or relationships) and events, as well as rankings for gay-friendly places. It is a social guidebook for the lesbian population, in attempts to unify the community. The app is in development right now, but one thing we STRIVE for is making absolute sure we’re producing something you will love and enjoy. It is for us, the LBTQIA community, and by us :)

This will take 30 seconds of your time (literally).

Please take this survey, it is COMPLETELY anonymous and takes less than one minute to complete. Every response makes a difference.


Impulse Pittsburgh Presents: I Survived the Apocalypse a Success!

739745_449757341758702_1270964033_oOur event on Jan 5th was a tremendous success, with over 400 women in attendance! We premiered a new venue, Cavo in the Strip where we closed it down for the Impulse crowd only. We gave our singles bracelets again, making it easier to meet others! Anyone who was single had the option of wearing a bright orange bracelet.

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Thank you for a successful Halloween Party with Impulse Pittsburgh!

Thank you for a very successful night, ladies! We hit a little over 350 women, with a steady stream of newcomers showing up all night long, including a few ladies who have never experienced an Impulse party before! There were so many amazing halloween costumes! DJ Steph handed out a few free drink tickets to those with the best costumes!



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Impulse Pittsburgh Presents: “Throwback Party” a night to remember!

Thank you for a very successful night, ladies! We hit a little over 350 women, with a steady stream of newcomers showing up all night long, including a few ladies who have never experienced an Impulse party before! There were so many fun themed outfits from the 60’s, 70’s, 80’s, and 90’s.



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Impulse Pittsburgh Presents: “Switch it Up” a success!

Thank you for a very successful night, ladies! We hit a little over 325 women, with a steady stream of newcomers showing up all night long, including a few ladies who have never experienced an Impulse party before! There so many ladies switching it up- from butch to femme or femme to butch, with many variations in between! We shared so many laughs with those that participated. The pictures should be up on Facebook within just a few days.

Towards the beginning of the night, we revealed a few surprises! We handed out orange singles bracelets, making it easier to mingle with other singles. The Pittsburgh Irish festival was also present with contests and a spinning wheel, handing out free tickets to the Irish Festival.

The dancing kept up all night long with a packed dance floor until the very last song! There were also some group dances and the photographer caught some really great moments of all of this!

Thank you everyone for attending our event, this was surely one of the best ones! Please check “Next Event” and make sure you can make it to the next party for another great event!


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